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charleston, south carolina

Dorothy Shain. Artist based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Explore her work. 



Travel California

Dorothy Shain

On May 8th, I will be launching my Pacific Coast Collection at 9am EST. I cannot put into words how excited I am to see my piece(s) of California dreaming find their new homes. My art is often a visual manifestation of stories and experiences that have changed me.

This is the story of my love affair with Venice and Southern California.

In the fall of 2010, I was blessed with the incredible opportunity hop aboard the MV Explorer, a retired Carnival Cruise ship, and embark on a four-month journey around the world through a program called Semester at Sea. I started the journey knowing not a single person & left with a forever crew of what I like to call "soul friends." These special people, primarily from the West Coast, took this little southerner under their wings and helped ignite a love for their home. I heard them talk of the special burritos, the surfing, the culture, the weather. When we pulled into the port of San Diego, I was raring to go and ready to explore. 

Seven years down the road, I still can't get enough. My travels to the west coast started as visits to see these wonderful people. Whether I was located in San Fransisco, San Diego, Mammoth, or Venice Beach,  I started to realize that this place was speaking to my soul. I am drawn to the mindset, the creativity, the melting pot of people, the rich surf & skate culture ( inspiration in itself), even the plants. I love the endless possibilities, the connections to be made, and people to meet.  L.A is so full of fellow dreamers, all hustling to meet larger than life goals. My kind of people.

This collection of work is deeply personal: it is inspired by little trips, larger than life experiences, and snippets of one of the greatest places I have had the opportunity to explore. The Pacific Coast means something to me, and I hope that you connect with sense of freedom and creativity, just as I have.

If the travel bug has just bitten you hard after reading this post (the Pacific Coast can do that to you), here are some of my favorite things to do & see in Southern California: 

Best View of Pacific Coast Highway (Malibu): Neptunes Net

Hiking in Malibu : Charmlee Wilderness Park in the Santa Monica Mountains

Korea Town:  Tatsu Ramen

Coffee + People Watching: Deus ex Machina

Surf Shop: Lone Wolfs

Lunch: Cafe Gratitude

Poke: Poke Poke 

San Diego: Mitch's ( the best ceviche & fish tacos I have ever had in my life) 

Serious inquiries contact for presale information.



Mac & Murphy Collaboration

Dorothy Shain


I am thrilled to announce the launch of my collaboration with Mac & Murphy

So, how did this partnership come to be? I began my journey and career as an artist in Charleston, and have always loved Mac & Murphy's work and aesthetic. I also love written correspondence- it creates a personal connection that you can't always get through digital medium. I have always gotten the vibe that our styles would mesh well, but  when I met them in person I knew it was a perfect fit. These three women are making joy and creativity out of hard work:


After talking to Liz, I felt like I had known her for years. Lacey has been so fun to get to know and has taught me so much about PR and branding (two things that Mac & Murphy has done an incredible job at maintaining). The designer, Elizabeth, and I already had a connection: her cousin is a good friend of mine from SMU. Collaborating with these women just felt right from the start.



Each body of work that I create is travel inspired. This fun and light-hearted piece was actually inspired by places I haven't even been to yet. The animals are inspired by a journey to both my childhood and the deepest parts of India through Disney's Jungle Book. Even a simple night in watching an old film can spark creativity! The fruits and flora are drawn from a conversation I had about Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys with a friend. I like to call this "travel dreaming".

This experience reminded me of something so important: you don't always have to go somewhere to be inspired by a place. Travel is just as much a state of mind as it is a physical act. 

I can't wait for all of you to see this collaboration and see how it inspires others to chase their travel dreams. Please join me:

Dorothy Shain x Mac & Murphy Launch Party

May 10th 5:30pm-9pm

74.5 Cannon St. Charleston, SC

Jackson Hole Collection

Dorothy Shain

Today, February 23, 2017 I am releasing a body of work that revolves around my time spent in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is the first group of pieces I have created since starting my fellowship at Greenville Center for the Creative Arts in Greenville, SC. This is the first time, in 2.5 years that I feel like I am hitting my stride and style as an artist. I am realizing, that being outdoors, being under big skies, among mountains, & surrounded by wildlife calms me, connects me & inspires my work. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to view the collection. 

Today, February 23, 2017 I am releasing a body of work that revolves around my time spent in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is the first group of pieces I have created since starting my fellowship at Greenville Center for the Creative Arts in Greenville, SC. This is the first time, in 2.5 years that I feel like I am hitting my stride and style as an artist. I am realizing, that being outdoors, being under big skies, among mountains, & surrounded by wildlife calms me, connects me & inspires my work. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to view the collection. 

Going "Blush" for Valentine's Day

Dorothy Shain

 To honor the recent and inspiring work of strong women around the world, I am going "blush" in time for Valentine's Day.

Today through March 1st, my 18” x 24” mixed media bikinis can be framed in a white gallery frame & floated atop a feminine, blush colored matte to celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, daughters & sisters who have touched and continue to touch our lives. 

Please allow for a minimum of 10 business days for framing needs. Certificates available upon request for Valentine's Day gifting purposes. 

Huge thank you to Simply Framed for teaming up with me to make this happen. 






Penland School of Arts and Crafts

Dorothy Shain

I'm back in Greenville! You may have noticed from Instagram that I recently spent a week in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Penland School of Arts and Crafts. I had the chance to take Alice Ballard's class, "Drawing and Clay." It was an absolute dream. It was an amazing opportunity to dive into clay, a medium I have never worked with, and receive some formal instruction and feedback. Not to mention, the people that I met while there, were unreal. 

Don't be fooled! This is not "art camp" . . . people come from far and wide to receive extensive education in the arts. The studios are open 24 hours and people take that very seriously. Lights off? Not there! 

Highlights? Morning yoga classes and the very best scones and muffins I have ever had. Slight carb fest. Penland's Pastry chef is unreal. Oh! My other favorite thing? There just so happened to be a thought leader and international spokeswoman in my class who just finished writing a book called Talk RX which I just ordered from Amazon!  She has coached everyone from celebrities to corporate companies like American Express on improving communication. 

All in all, I highly recommend Penland to anyone and everyone for a creative getaway. I am already plotting my next visit back. 


Dorothy Shain

This week is special. On September 1st, it has officially been 2 years since I left my desk job to pursue my calling of art. Yes, it was terrifying & yes, some days I am still terrified.  Am I going to succeed? Will I be able to be financially stable? Will people like what I produce? What if they don’t? I can ask myself questions all day, send myself into a state of frenzy OR I can take a moment to focus on -‘gratitude.’ -

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. When I look back over the past two years, I have so many positive feelings for the people, places & incredible experiences this artistic journey has put in my path. I feel forever lucky to wake up each morning and pursue something I love. Yes, constant hustle & endless brainstorming are involved to keep things moving, but that is what fuels me.

So, I am going to do something I don’t typically like to do and something I feel like we, as humans, don’t do often enough. I am going to give myself a big pat on the back for being brave. You heard it right. If I had never mustered the courage to make art my full time career, I would not have experienced the immense feeling of gratitude I have for each one of you who support me daily nor would I appreciate the mistakes I have made, the successes I have experienced & the life of an artist.

For me, it all comes down to two words. Thank You. Your love and support are the sole reasons I am able to do what I do. 

The Latest . . .

Dorothy Shain


“I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.”  

- Susan Sontag


G O . . .

Warm weather immediately makes me dream of

where I want to go and what I want to see.  A

recent article I read about Little palm island,

florida got my wheels  turning and inspired

my new “Tropics  Collection.” Papayas.

Roadside Stands. Tropical leaves. Wildlife

galore. Where The Wild Things Are meets The

Jungle Book. Catch my drift? 


T H E   T R O P I C S  C O L L E C T I O N

R E L E A S E  D A T E :

M A Y  27 , 2016



Bikinis. Swim Trunks. Tropical collages.

Giclée prints

G i c l é e

What is a giclée?  Think a high quality

reproduction of my work printed on fine art

paper. I am so excited to release a group of

these on my site tomorrow, locally produced

in Greenville, SC!

U P C O M I N G …

C H A R L E S T O N , S C …

It’s Spoleto time! I am working with Well &

Wonder to exhibit bikinis at Fritz Porter for

the month of June. Location: Cigar Factory on

East Bay, 701 E. Bay St., #106.


N E W  O R L E A N S , L A …

I am working with BRANDSHOP as their featured

artist at the Martine Chaisson Gallery, 727

Camp Street. Collages for days. 

N A N T U C K E T , M A…...

I recently had the pleasure of wrapping up a

project for The Roberts Collection, a group

of hotels on Nantucket that left me dying to

go. I worked in collaboration with the

talented interior designer,

 Annsley McAleer. An exhibit in collaboration

with BRANDSHOP The Skinny Dip in Nantucket

in August might just be the perfect

opportunity for a field trip.



Celebrating Caviar and Bananas. Opening soon

in Greenville, SC. Gourmet market & cafe. Also

in Charleston & Nashville! Stay tuned for a

fun upcoming project!


Dorothy Shain X Simply Framed. It's happening.

You will now have the option to have your

pieces frames when you check out on my site.

Huge shoutout to them for making my life


U N I V E R S E  

Just putting it out there. On my map this

summer. . . Marfa. Big Bend. Taos. Have paint +

will travel.


Let me hear from you about your inspirations

and places you’ve been or looking to go.

Always looking for where to go







So Then They Say

Delaney Maher

I feel extremely privileged to have attended college with some serious movers and shakers. Mary Summers is one of them. The girl has a killer eye for design + fabulous taste so I'm not surprised to see her making big moves in the world of blogging with ' 'So Then They Say.'She was so sweet to feature me & my work recently. Read more here

Rue Daily: The Realities Behind Being an Artist

Dorothy Shain

I was absolutely blown away when I had the recent opportunity to partake in an interview for Rue Magazine's "Rue Daily." The interview focussed on the realities of being an artist. I was not only so appreciative of the chance to be featured but really loved the questions they asked - they have a way of really getting people's wheels to spin. 

Sending a huge thank you to Ellie McNevin of Grey & Co PR as well as Lucy Cuneo for her amazing photography.

Read more here

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Glitter Guide : 12 Artists You Need to Know

Dorothy Shain

This morning I woke up to the best email in my inbox ever from the sweet & wonderful Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love. In between being a full-time mama, an incredible blogger & an extreme fashionista she finds time to take creatives under her wings in Charleston to help them soar. Talk about a saint! 

She recently worked with Glitter Guide to provide a list of  "12 Artists You Need to Know." I am honored & so grateful to be included amongst such killer talent. 

Photos courtesy of Brooke Kiernan

Words of Wisdom

Dorothy Shain

"When you commit to doing something, you make a promise to yourself. And when you break that promise out of laziness, discouragement, or fear, you are only cheating yourself. You are not “getting away with something.” You are only getting away from your own potential. When you commit to making your dream come true, that is the promise you simply decide to never, ever break. It doesn’t matter how many times you get discouraged, or exhausted, or frustrated, you just remember that you have not given yourself the option to quit. That is what commitment is — when the idea of ever stopping your efforts simply doesn’t exist. You have infinite patience and resilience because there is no other option. You have the ability to bear the pain and frustration because you must find a way to beat it. It doesn’t mean it won’t feel hard to press on — it might feel impossible, and yet you still find a way to keep going. You simply always press on. At a certain point, all your effort and energy and power is only directed towards your dream, and you no longer have to waste any energy on trying to motivate yourself to keep going."

— (via drestylez(Source:  arabellesicardi, via yesdarlingido)

Photograph courtesy of Brooke Kiernan 

Recap| Art Exhibit at Coastal Community Foundation

Dorothy Shain


Tuesday, January 6th, Coastal Community Foundation opened their doors to me to exhibit The Charleston Collection, a group of my hand drawn illustrations of favorite restaurants and eateries around Charleston. 

The night brought together a great crowd of restaurant & shop owners, local artists, and friends and family. It would not have been a success without the help of delicious snacks from The Daily & Sugar Bakeshop. 

I am so extremely thankful for everyone who showed up in support, I could not have done it without you! 


Welcome to

Delaney Maher

Almost six months ago, I left my day job to chase a dream. A dream entailing a life as an artist in the South Carolina lowcountry.  The creative energy that flows wildly through the historic streets of Charleston did nothing but propel me to take a deep breath, hitch a ride and hold on for dear life.  In almost no time, I discovered the best part of this journey is the people. Plain and simple.  I really believe that once you start following your passion, incredible people and opportunities are placed in your path.

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Delaney Maher

Hip. Hip. Hoo. Ray. I am assuming this means I am finally an adult? Ehhh. After months of ewing and ahhhing over sources of inspiration for a business card on Pinterest, these are what came about. Each card was hand dipped in indigo ink and indigo dye creating different levels of hues and incredible sparkly touches. 

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Delaney Maher

Just like that, it was time to string the Christmas lights, Amazon Prime all the last minute presents you forgot to order, and begin temporarily replacing your green smoothies with eggnog. This holiday season, I was thankful to have several friends commission me to do several pieces for them. The most fun part? Packaging. Packaging has always been something I have been interested in and I believe is an integral part of the consumer experience. 2015 will bring many wonderful things, a serious package design project being one of them. 

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Dorothy Shain

Occasionally, I hit it big in the realm of house-sitting. When this happens, I pack up my paints, brushes, and crazy creek so I can spend the weekends painting dockside. There is really nothing like salty air and views of the Carolina marshes to energize and inspire you. The paintings featured in the image above are examples of color studies and timed paintings I often practice to get back in the swing of things. My favorite author, Pat Conroy, says it best, 

“Charleston has a landscape that encourages intimacy and partisanship. I have heard it said that an inoculation to the sights and smells of the Carolina lowcountry is an almost irreversible antidote to the charms of other landscapes, other alien geographies. You can be moved profoundly by other vistas, by other oceans, by soaring mountain ranges, but you can never be seduced. You can even forsake the lowcountry, renounce it for other climates, but you can never completely escape the sensuous, semitropical pull of Charleston and her marshes.”

- Pat Conroy, The Lords of Discipline

I could not agree more, Mr. Conroy. 

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Dorothy Shain

After a long period of time knocking on the door of Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina I finally received an email saying I was in! Thank. The. Lord.

Redux is a hot spot in the South for emerging and established artists like Teil DuncanKatie Long StevensonLulie Wallace,  Raven Wilson. It is incredible to me that these ladies are not only doing what they love, but they are making waves, to say the least. I knew it would be a huge privilege and learning opportunity to be around them each day! Please also notice that I said ladies . . . yep, you heard me. Redux is predominantly women - and they are killing it! Watch out world! 

So I am so thankful for the opportunity Redux has given me and their hospitality. I have also come realize the importance of art supporting non-profits like themselves. I wouldn't be able to make moves without their backing and support. 

Support. Local. Arts! 

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