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1421 Augusta Street
Greenville, SC, 29605
United States

Dorothy Shain. Contemporary Artist based out of Greenville, South Carolina. Explore her work. 


Mac & Murphy Collaboration

Dorothy Shain


I am thrilled to announce the launch of my collaboration with Mac & Murphy

So, how did this partnership come to be? I began my journey and career as an artist in Charleston, and have always loved Mac & Murphy's work and aesthetic. I also love written correspondence- it creates a personal connection that you can't always get through digital medium. I have always gotten the vibe that our styles would mesh well, but  when I met them in person I knew it was a perfect fit. These three women are making joy and creativity out of hard work:


After talking to Liz, I felt like I had known her for years. Lacey has been so fun to get to know and has taught me so much about PR and branding (two things that Mac & Murphy has done an incredible job at maintaining). The designer, Elizabeth, and I already had a connection: her cousin is a good friend of mine from SMU. Collaborating with these women just felt right from the start.



Each body of work that I create is travel inspired. This fun and light-hearted piece was actually inspired by places I haven't even been to yet. The animals are inspired by a journey to both my childhood and the deepest parts of India through Disney's Jungle Book. Even a simple night in watching an old film can spark creativity! The fruits and flora are drawn from a conversation I had about Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys with a friend. I like to call this "travel dreaming".

This experience reminded me of something so important: you don't always have to go somewhere to be inspired by a place. Travel is just as much a state of mind as it is a physical act. 

I can't wait for all of you to see this collaboration and see how it inspires others to chase their travel dreams. Please join me:

Dorothy Shain x Mac & Murphy Launch Party

May 10th 5:30pm-9pm

74.5 Cannon St. Charleston, SC