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1421 Augusta Street
Greenville, SC, 29605
United States

Dorothy Shain. Contemporary Artist based out of Greenville, South Carolina. Explore her work. 


Art Collecting : 7 Artists to Know

Dorothy Shain

Sophie Treppendahl.jpg

I will never forget a summer during college that I spent in Taos, New Mexico studying art. The town was overflowing with talented cermanicists, jewelry makers and painters, all taking inspiration from the south west landscape. Touring a studio one day, I remember seeing a piece of art that spoke to me. The price tag was small (under $30) yet I walked away empty handed. I told my art professor exactly what I saw and what I did. At that moment, he gave me one of the most important pieces of advice I have received as an artist & beginning collector, he said, "Start collecting art now. Whether it is $1 or $100, add pieces to your collection as you travel and as you can. Aquire the pieces that truly speak to you." That was over 8 years ago and I am still thinking of that piece of art I left in Taos. 

So,  I made a commitment to collecting. Piece by piece. As I travel. As I meet new artists. As I pop in new studios. I don't go searching, I let the art land in my path. Personally, I have found that I connect with the artwork when I have a connection to the artist. 

Why do this, you may ask? Think about it. Every home you have walked into full of art carries a different energy than a home full of empty walls. Art tells a story of where you have been, your interests, your loves, your heritage and more. It serves to inspire, cause thought, produce ideas & ignite daydreams. 

Here are seven artists whose work is inspiring me right now:

One. Chambers Austelle

Two. Scott Szegeski

Three. Lydia Johnson

Four. Sophie Treppendahl

Five. Elizabeth Few

Six. Glory Day Loflin

Seven. Samuel Hodges