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1421 Augusta Street
Greenville, SC, 29605
United States

Dorothy Shain. Contemporary Artist based out of Greenville, South Carolina. Explore her work. 


The Power of your Network

Dorothy Shain


Since diving full force into my artistic career 3.5 years ago, there is one thing that I have learned that may trump all others things, there is so much power within your network. Your network plays such an integral role in propelling business or ideas forward. Your network is who supports you, spreads the word, and always has your back. Your network needs to be nourished and grown. The best part? Every single person comes from different places, backgrounds and experiences contributing to a dynamic and different network no one else in the world has. Remember that. Here are 5 ways to "nourish" your network, as Maria Brophy says in her book, no matter what field you are in.

  1. Write handwritten thank you notes
  2. In-person meetings are crucial for connection
  3. When you can't meet in person, make time to hop on the phone
  4. Connect the dots. Find something you have in common with someone else. A restaurant, a sports team, a person. Chances are, if the connection is made, the relationship will continue to develop. 
  5. Check in. Its up to you to stay in touch with your network! 

The further you cast your net, the more you will see positive results, growth and achievement.