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Introducing “The Art of . . .” The Pursuit of Art in our Daily Lives.

Introducing  “The Art of . . .” The Pursuit of Art in our Daily Lives.


“The Art of . . .”

The Pursuit of Art in our Daily Lives

I love to read. My nightstand is a collection of stacks of books ranging from self-help to artist memoirs to business reads. When I finish one, I always have a hard time picking what’s next. One of my favorites that I’ve picked up in the last couple of years was Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic.” I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and I couldn’t seem to stop chasing friends and family around pleading for them to read it so I’d have someone to talk to about it. There was a particular chapter that spoke to me the loudest, it was on the subject of ideas. She said: 

“When ideas come knocking, they will send us the universal physical and emotional signals of inspiration: the chills up our arms, the hair standing up on the back of our neck, and the butterfly stomach. The idea will organize coincidences for us to stumble upon to keep us interested. Ideas keep us up at night, distract us from the daily routine, and won't leave us until it has our full attention. Then in a quiet moment, an idea will ask whether or not we want to work with it. Should we freely choose not to, the idea will move on.”

2 years ago, during the height of Covid, when we all were forced to lean into our inventiveness most while also just managing to hang on for dear life, the idea of an Instagram / blog / newsletter series called “The Art of . . .” came to me. I feel very grateful that this idea was patient enough to wait until May 19 of 2022 for me to introduce it to you :). 

If I’m being totally honest (ha! When am I not these days) - “The Art of . . .” was born as a way to scratch this creative itch I get that falls outside the realm of painting. The creative itch I get when I watch my mom set a table, arrange flowers from her garden around her home, hear her friends discussing letter writing, or seeing them craft these homes that make people feel perfectly…well, at home. It’s all an art. I could go as far to say it is a southern way of being - and to an extent, it is - but it’s not just southern.

As a lover of travel, different cultures and ways of being - everyone has a different way of bringing art into their everyday lives. My hope is that this newsletter / blog post / Instagram post (whatever it morphs into) is a tiny way to inspire you and ignite that inner fire I am feeling. Yes, I could crank this all out in an Instagram reel BUT I want it to be more intentional. I want to tell the story. I want it to be something in your inbox you actually enjoy reading - not because you feel the need to purchase anything or sign up for this or that - but simply because it brings some sort of joy. Something that slows you down in this fast paced world, something I would even dare to say could be called “slow media.” 

Thank you for taking the time to be here and read this today. I hope it brings you a tiny bit of joy and inspiration. I hope you will share your honest feedback, thoughts and ideas as we journey down this new path together! Let’s get started!

Click here to head to today's first post of the series! 


martha bradly

Thank you for taking the time to share yourself and your creative process. It is like sitting down and visiting with a friend which makes life more meaningful and less stressful!

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