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The Story Behind a Painting: Barton Springs

Barton Springs, 42" x 67", Oil on Linen 

I’ve always had this fascination with counter culture of the 60's. The hippies, surfers, skaters, music mamas who gave a 🖕🏻to society and rode the killer wave of life, poo poo-ed the rules, and LIVED. There’s this huge part of me who wants to be like that // there is this big part of me who is like that 😆. I guess that’s why I fell in love with Barton Springs Pool in Austin.A spring fed pool that’s been around since the 70’s surrounded by land that once held topless sunbathers & free spirits. The vibes are everywhere.Last weekend I was in Austin and made it a priority to go jump in. From the moment I walked down the steps, I couldn’t help but smiling by the swimmers everywhere….the 80 year old in weenie bikinis doing their daily laps they’d done forever, the 3 year olds learning to swim, the yogis plunging in after a sweat session. What a HELL of a way to start or end your day I thought 💭. Diving into those waters, for me, feels like a rebirth of sorts. A reminder to live as I want and be as weird as I want!I will tell you this too - being there and taking some time to soak it in AFTER I painted this piece was badass. I felt like I was living in my painting. That was a first time experience for me and one that will go down in the books.Barton Springs, 42” x 67”, Oil on linen. Available.


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