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At Home with Southern Living: The Story behind the Bungalow

At Home with Southern Living: The Story behind the Bungalow

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The day I had been waiting for finally came, William put a ring 💍 on it. We were ready to wedding plan + life plan away when COVID suddenly sent the world to a screeching halt. Like many parents during the time, my parents took one for the team and let us move back in with them while we tried to anxiously problem solve our future.

I always have had a love for bungalows. Venice Beach ones. Austin ones. You name it. They speak to my soul. So when the 100 year old 2 bed, 1 bath 🛁 appeared on the market I didn’t give William much time to process or much choice in the matter 😬🤣….I just told him “Trust me. I have a vision and this vision involves Southern Living.”My dad has always told me I have champagne 🥂 taste and a hot dog 🌭 budget 🤣…..welp, when a big visioned artist buys an old house that lesson is really drilled in. Who knew a burst pipe could be so expensive? Our laughable budget for my dream interior was suddenly bye bye GONE and my heart was sinking, just like our flooding basement 🤣.The upside of being an artist is we are CREATIVE. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Where their is a vision….well, an artist can’t live in something that she knows can be something else!!! So, sweet William hung on for dear life, we rolled up our sleeves and did the work ourselves. He painted the shutters green, then blue, then a mixture of the two while I stood in the street at night and squinted trying to decide while simultaneously reminding him “this is for Southern Living.” 🤣🤣🤣 who is the real MVP here?So when the chance came to send him the article this morning, it was a bit of a pinch me moment. A dreams becoming reality moment. A testament to the blood, sweat and tears we poured into a place that we had made OUR  home. A testament to the process that had almost killed us at times and almost caused us to kill each other at times 🤣🫶🏻. Today, the pieces finally fell together and that vision we worked so hard for was finally achieved. We could not be more proud, joyful 😀 and excited to be included in this months issue of SL, on stands today.Grateful to the Southern Living team for taking a chance on me and every amazing brand, artist and partner for coming together to make our house what is today.

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