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A Letter to Myself, My New Collection & Where I am Right Now

A Letter to Myself, My New Collection & Where I am Right Now

(Pictured Above: The Oyé Family. Photography by Eli Warren)


I’ll never forget it. In the height of a season full of projects, promised deadlines, chasing after monstrous dreams, late nights & early mornings at the studio - life surprised me with 2 little pink lines. Yep. Those pink lines that come from nothing other than simply peeing on a stick. It’s funny how life has a way of showing up and slowing you down when you least expect it - a way of subtly or not so subtly saying “Hey D - your work + life balance is a little wack, you seem to be burning the candle at both ends, your anxiety is through the roof and eating 3 protein bars throughout the day does not qualify as a meal.”

In all honesty - as grateful and excited as I was to see them - those little lines and the sign that the universe was sending - gave me full on heart palpitations. Let’s just say mid December 2021 hit, and so did the rocking of my world… HARD. It was a whirlwind full of prayers and saltines. Weeks spent searching for the nearest trash can. Nights spent googling “Am I going to survive pregnancy?” and days spent trying to work (did showing up count??). I have to say, I could not have survived without my support system - my angels - who seemed to show up every time I turned around to hold my hair back, provide yellow gatorade, buttered noodles, hugs and comfort. They know exactly who they are. I felt like I was hanging on for dear life. 

God must have known I needed to be cut some slack and guided in my search to find my next studio space on my journey because Oye Studios seemed to fall right into my lap. A beautiful neighborhood church that had been converted into an incredible, light-filled space for 13 serious artists. Initially, after spending years alone in my own space, the idea of somewhere shared scared the heck out of me. How would I concentrate? Would it be a supportive community? I was carrying fear that resulted from past experiences. If you know me at all or have followed along for a while, you know I am a big believer in gut instincts. After one quick tour and meeting, something told me to “go for it & think later.” So I did.

I moved in on February 1st, 2022. Let’s blame it on the hormones, but every time I tried to explain my experience there (in a mere 3 month timespan), I could feel the tears welling up. Little did I know that THIS place was the missing puzzle piece from my life (that’s how strongly I feel about it.). From simple things like helping break down boxes upon arrival, to advice on studio set up, to encouragement, shared taco lunches, feedback on work, openness to sharing knowledge and processes, offers to tie my shoes when my belly got too big to reach down- I quickly learned the power of community. It might be the greatest gift I’ve been given in my art career- a gift which I didn’t know I was in need of.

As you can only imagine, the creative energy of the new space was beginning to invigorate my body for the first time, in what felt like, a long time. I felt this urge to PAINT for nobody but myself!!! This urge to play. Explore. Trust my gut. You may be asking, “don’t you always do this?” Well, for the past 2+ years, my commissions kept me afloat during a time in the economy when so much seemed to be sinking. While I am forever grateful for those opportunities, the chance to create personal work was few and far between.

Moving into Oye ignited something in me to invest the time in my work and create this series I am releasing today. This series is a testament to the type of artist I want to be and the direction I want to head. A direction that involves trusting my creative instincts, seeing what I am made of, and creating a sustainable and thriving career off of work that is a representation of my authentic self. There is this thought that I seem to be continuously coming back to. A thought that involves attracting a type of client and company based on what I produce and my vision rather than bending and molding to fit theirs. That’s what I want.

I put this body of work out into the world today in hopes everyone sees and feels this shift in myself shining through. This shift started with two pink lines, a whole lotta fear and panic, and turned into something magnificent. The world sure does work in mysterious ways. 

I'd like to introduce you to my newest body of work, "Trusting Intuition."




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