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The inspration behind the Heritage Garden Collection // Launching 1/24/2020

The inspration behind the Heritage Garden Collection // Launching 1/24/2020

It all started with Mrs. Pearl…..let me explain. Before I was born (almost 30 years ago), my parents + brother + sister + 2 basset hounds (Dumplin & Teddy) lived in a quaint brick home on the cutest street. Once they caught wind that I was on my way into the world, they panicked. They knew they needed more space for their growing family. So, what did they do? Only what everyone thinks to do! They traded houses with their best family friends / neighbor, the Gieses. Here is the thing….. 

The house which belonged to the Giese’s was full of rich history and stories. It had previously belonged to a family member of theirs, Mrs. Pearl. Her yard was full of camellia bushes, gardenias, winter sweet, cedars and century-old oaks that shadowed over the yard. Her boxwoods were kept to the nine’s and would continue to stand strong 60+ years later. There was a blooming garden looked after by her friend, Shorty (who loved a stiff whiskey + iced tea drink). Her house was built in a different time, a time when door handles were crystal and beautiful. A time when silk draperies lined dining rooms. A time when craft, detail and charm were poured into homes. You could tell a real southern belle graced the property. 

In 1989, I was welcomed into the world and brought into this home which is now almost 100 years old. This home, in which I spent my entire childhood, taught me to appreciate things that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. I watched as my parents would pour their energy and love into the things that grew throughout the yard. I watched as my mom made sure to keep the history alive and blooming. I learned what weeds were (we had weeding duties on the weekends) and I learned which plants had a story // to never touch!

Maybe it comes with getting older (I’m not entirely sure), but when I moved back to Greenville 4 years ago, I found a new sense of deep appreciation for my parent’s home, yard, garden and the stories associated. I found tranquility and inspiration when wandering through to see what was growing. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen how quickly the neighborhood has been built up and developed…...maybe it’s because I’ve grown to value connection and stories or maybe it’s simply because that’s where I grew up - I’m not sure. What I do know is that there is something SO special about a southern garden that inspired me down to the bone for my upcoming project. From Linton Roses to Star Zinnias to Dogwoods, I wanted to tell a story of where I grew up through my art. Writing this out gives me chills because it makes me realize that what I have been working on for the past 2 years is so much more than just a project, it is my heart and soul.



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